Zero leakage metal seated rotary butterfly valves and check valves. Ansi class 150 to 1500 up to 160". Suitable for general to high pressure / temperature applications.


Superior quality grade 350 PFA-Teflon lined ACRIS series butterfly & ARMTURN ball valves for highly corrosive services. General purpose rubber lined ISORIA series butterfly valves.

Apollo Valves

Safety and relief valve products for industrial and commercial applications including steam, air, liquid and non-hazardous gases.

ASCO Numatics

World Leader in pneumatic solenoid valves, air preparation components, control systems, cylinders & sensors.

Automation Service

Remanufactured instrumentation products of all the major brands complete with 2 year warranty.


General Twin Seal

double block & bleed plug valves.

Newco Valves

150 to 2500 ANSI class cast, forged and alloy steels – gate, globe, check and ball valves, newco steel and iron products, OIC stainless steel products.


stainless gate, globe & check valves.


rising stem ball valves ASME class 150 to 2500


check valves, ASME class 150 to 1500


floating & trunnion ball valves


Instruments for on-line measurement and monitoring of process parameters. The target business areas are primarily wastewater treatment plants, pulp and paper mills and other process industries.

Chemline Plastics Limited

Complete range of valves, piping, flow meters and controls, all of solid plastic construction, for the industrial market.


High performance, extended life fully lined plug and ball check valves that can be tailored to your specific application needs.

Krombach Armaturen

Large quarter turn valves including fabricated butterfly valves, triple offset valves, and check valves. 3” to 136” and are typically used in applications such as steam / water isolations, condenser isolations, cooling tower isolations and seawater isolations, to name a few.


Resistoflex® is the largest plastic-lined piping products supplier in the world, with manufacturing and sales locations in North America, Europe, and Asia, We also offer a full line of pipe and fittings lined with polypropylene, Teflon® PFA, and Kynar® PVDF


The Saunders® Industrial Diaphragm Valve, first developed more than seventy years ago, has evolved to handle more fluids, gases, solids, and powder than any other type of valve.


high-quality Bellows Sealed Globe Valves, Strainers, Check Valves, Relief Valves, Change-Over Valves and Special Valves meeting stringent specifications required by the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries.


Complete line of quarter-turn sleeved plug valves, lined plug valves, ball valves and check valves. Available according to ANSI, JIS and DIN standards.

DFT Inc.

DFT® has been making the in-line check valves for over 65 years. Their silent check valves are known around the world as the valve to use to prevent or eliminate water hammer problems. Whatever your size, pressure or piping configurations, DFT® has the valve to addresse the needs of a modern day customer.

Edward Valve

In critical service conditions, Edward valves reliably meet or exceed customer expectations. That is how Edward forged and cast steel valves have become the preferred choice for power plants, process facilities, and other critical services.


Industry leader for more than 80 years in multi-turn and quarter turn industrial electric actuators for valves & dampers across every industry.


Complete line of pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, digital “smart” valve positioners / controllers and valve accessories. PMV valve positioners are simple, rugged, and reliable and can be mounted on a vast majority of valve/actuator packages.


For more than one hundred years, the innovative designs, quality standards and engineering capabilities have made Vogt valves a world leader in gate, globe and check valve technology. Vogt’s leadership has been evident in the production of forged steel fittings, gate, globe and check valves in most popular materials, trims and bonnet configurations considered the “benchmark of quality” for forged steel valves.

Essex Industries

Fire-safe thermal/electro-thermal valves and actuators which are designed to shut off automatically and control hazardous conditions in industrial environments.


Complete line of rubber products including pinch valves, check valves, expansion joints and other products for all industries and applications.


Spring-loaded and pilot-operated pressure relief valves used as safety devices to prevent overpressurization of vessels, pipelines and equipment.

Flomatic Valves

Specializing in check valves, foot valves, automatic hydraulic control valves and backflow preventers directed at the domestic, industrial, municipal and irrigation markets.


Positive displacement pumps, pinch valves and knife gate valves for abrasive, corrosive and other demanding shut-off control and pumping applications.


Threaded, socket weld and flanged ball valves, knife gate valves
Resilient seated & high-performance butterfly valves.

Hayward Eaton

Designed for efficiency in demanding markets, applications, and environments, Eaton’s innovative, pipeline basket strainer, mechanically cleaned filter and strainer, tubular backwashing filter, bag filter and bag housing, cartridge filter and cartridge housing, gas liquid separator, depth filtration, and hydraulic and lubrication oil filtration solutions help optimize filtration performance and quality as well as plant productivity.


Lubricated Plug Valves, Eccentric Plug Valves & Asphalt Plug Valve erving the water and wastewater, commercial HVAC and OEM markets.


Cushion tube and pipe clamps, modu-stak clamps and anchor channels.

Indu-Tech Enterprises Ltd.

Corrosion resistant level transmitter isolation ball valve with built-in purge and calibration capabilities, highly engineerd rotary joints.


Jamesbury branded products are known for their long history of innovation and proven reliability. Industry breakthroughs include the flexible-lip, polymeric, and Xtreme® seating technologies which have dramatically extended the cycle life and the application range of our ball and butterfly valves. Choose Jamesbury when dependability is your key selection criteria. Jamesbury products include, flanged ball valves, Value-Line® threaded ball valves, emission control valves, high-performance butterfly valves, special service valves, and ball and butterfly valve actuators and accessories. Automated on-off and tight shut-off rotary valves with network-ready capability.


Safety and relief valve products for industrial and commercial applications including steam, air, liquid and non-hazardous gases.


LESER safety valves protect people and the environment in the chemical, petrochemical, technical gases, oil and gas production, and engineering branches as well as in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Mastergear Worldwide

Mastergear Worldwide offers the most extensive product line of manual and motorizable actuators in the industry.


Industry leader in the manufacture of severe service, high temperature / pressure metal seated ball valves. MOGAS offers a Performance Gurantee, plus a lifetime warranty on materials & workmanship.


Knife gate, wedge gate, globe, rubber lined butterfly, ball, check (regular and tilting), sampling valves and strainers.

Newly Valve

Carbon, stainless & alloy construction gate, globe & check valve


Ball, butterfly and check valves made of fiberglass and graphite reinforced resin materials for tough industrial applications. CRN Registered.


Carbon, stainless steel and iron body knife gate valves, manual and automated.
Tilting disc check valves.


Check Rite wafer swing check valves 2-24 inch, ASME class 125/150/300
Ul/FM series 212 fire protection swing check valves 2-12 inch.
Quick connect couplers, loading arms.

Ross Valve

Automatic control valves, strainers and pressure reducing valves for the water and industrial markets.

Score Valves

Tricentric triple offset metal seated butterfly valves
High-seal double offset teflon seated butterfly valves


Monitoring, communication, and control platforms ideally suited for quarter-turn and linear discrete valve applications in extreme process environments.

Sure Flow Equipment Inc.

Industrial ball, butterfly and check valves, duplex, basket and y-type strainers for all pressure classes.

Swiss Fluid

Lined process valves and components with engineered plastics, designed for handling of corrosive, abrasive or even pure liquid service requirements.

Top Line

Stainless steel flow control equipment for food and beverage, dairy, cosmetics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and electronics processing industries.


0.1” to 168” diameter electromagnetic flow meters with functional field distribution
technology. No Minimu Run lengths required!

Trueline Distribution

Knife-gate, O-port, scavenger, soft and metal seated ball valves, check valves, rubber lined butterfly valves, custom fabrication and automation.


Carbon, stainless and alloy steel gate, globe and check valves
Forged steel gate, globe, check and y-pattern valves
Pressure seal valves
Floating and trunnion ball valves
Torqseal triple offset metal seated butterfly valves
Proquip wafer, lugged and flanged dual plate check valves
Metal seated ball valves, steam traps


The original mechanical pipe joining solutions & grooved pipe joining systems
Groove end ball, butterfly, knife gate, flanges and fittings


Water quality products including backflow preventers, regulators, valves and more.


Extensive line of equipment for the networking, monitoring and control of process valves and equipment.

Wey Valve

Swiss quality high performance knife gate valves for the most demanding applications in every industry.


Electronic and mechanical pressure and temperature instrumentation for the industrial, sanitary, medical and wastewater industries.