ASP System

Our experienced Major Project Management teams ensure success commercially, technically, and meet the strictest and most demanding project requirements.

ASP is a storeroom management software application based on over 20 years of experience in the industry, which runs on the Integrated Services servers and is accessed via the Internet by our customers. The software features such capabilities as:

Inventory Management

ASP Systems operate with standard min/max logic and can support material supplied and managed by Wolseley as well as purchased directly by our customer. The module houses all the information about each item including: customer, FIS, manufacturer and vendor part numbers, description, price, commodity code, vendor and manufacturer names and up to 20 fields of customer specific data such as accounting GL codes. This module also maintains all the transactional data such as issues, returns, receipts, adjustments, transfers and other inventory transactions and can even include an interface to a Customer ERP system.

Storeroom Management

ASP offers keyboard entry, the use of hand held scanners and remote requesting of material from any Internet enabled workstation with built-in ability to limit access to product.


Kit to Inventory and Kit to Order as well as the use of predefined kits.

Repairable Asset Management

Tracks material that are to be sent out for repair and stocking.

Serialization and Lot Control

Individual units are recorded with each transaction, and lot control is available to manage items with shelf life or tracking limitations.

Warranty Management

Can track actual product warranty and trigger claim processing.

Gage Control

Used for any “check-in/check-out” items. A variety of calibration schedules included.

Point of Use Support

Automated Dispensing and Kanban as point of use applications tied directly to our ASP system to provide a fully integrated system.

Desktop Requisitioning (Spot Buy Management)

Take a requirement from item requisition, through quotation, and on to a customer defined approval path and finally through order placement. The approval path is customizable for each customer’s requirements and can include multiple levels of approval based on business rules.

Reporting and Data Management

Standard and customizable reports, including: item availability, inventory investment, consumption and usage analysis, and productivity and sourcing savings.

Maintenance Planning

Manage assets, schedule preventative maintenance, utilize work orders, schedule human resources and create bills of material.