Industrial Valves

Velan Steam Traps

Model: Velan Thermostatic, Thermodynamic (Disc) and Float (ball) steam traps

Standard features:

  • Thermostatic, Thermodynamic (Disc) and Float technologies available
  • All applications including drainage, forced process heat and steam tracing
  • 1/4″ to 3″ end connections
  • ASME Classes to 2500#
  • Forged, cast and special alloy available
  • Huge inventory
  • High capacity traps to 160,000 pounds / hr (73,000 kg / hour)
  • Best in class thermostatic technology uses bimetallic elements to accurately follow the steam saturation curve
  • Proven zero steam loss
  • Proven lowest total life cycle cost
  • Full stellite internals and seats
  • Every trap has a check valve
  • Not position sensitive
  • Designed for superheat
  • No priming required
  • Freeze proof
  • Guaranteed against water hammer

 Options and accessories

  • Temperature controller – allows adjustment of backpressure and condensate backup.
  • Blowdown valve
  • Thermometer
  • “Piping King” trap bypass system
  • Air relief and vacuum breaker applications
  • Hermetically sealed