Industrial Valves

Trunnion Ball Valve by Meridian™

Model: 2" to 48" Full Port Trunnion Ball Valve


  • 3 piece bolted body design for ease of field service and maintenance
  • Forged body, bonnet and ball material as a standard, ensures a high integrity material grain structure
  • Body joint integrity is ensured by dual independent seals supported by tight toleranced overlapping metal to metal joint construction capable of withstanding pipeline stress
  • Valves are double block and bleed
  • Valves are antistatic tested
  • Valves are fire safe tested and verified by reputable third party
  • Valves have safe relieving manual bleed valve
  • Valves have drain/flush plug
  • All trunnion valves are equipped with a locking device. For gear operated valves, this feature is included on the gear operator
  • All trunnion valves have ISO 5211 mounting flanges for ease of mounting actuators
  • Valve compliance with low emission standards
  • Standard document package ISO / EN 10104.3.1


  • Valves have anti blowout (blow-out proof) stem
  • Stems and trunnions are manufactured separately from the ball and supported by bearing and RPTFE thrust washer to ensure low consistent torques
  • Multiple independent stem packing seal systems ensures stem seal integrity
  • All valves include emergency secondary stem sealant injection system


  • Valves have internal automatic self-relieving cavity (DPE designs are available on request)
  • Special high volume seat insert design facilitate the selection of a broader range of materials while providing an increased life in difficult service conditions
  • Seat ring sealing includes separate graphite seals for maximum assurance in fire conditions.
  • All valves size 6″ and larger (smaller sizes on special request where possible) include emergency secondary seat sealant injection system
  • A separate independent check valve is beneath the seat sealant injection fittings. Our valves are hydrotested utilizing the check valve only
  • Should an injection fitting be damaged, it may be replaced without the requirement of re-hydrotesting the valve


  • Double piston effect seats
  • Combination seats (double piston effect on one side and a self-relieving seat on the other)
  • Body may be coated for corrosion protection