Specific Application Valves

Meridian MAP 2000 Flow Control System


To deliver the industry”s most advanced wellhead control system for sour and low-temperature operations, Meridian introduces the MAP 2000. The MAP 2000 is a combination of two state-of-the-art technologies, a precise in-line control choke valve and an extremely sensitive, ultra low-bleed smart electro-pneumatic positioner.

Advanced Wellhead Flow Control

  • Precise control from initial high-pressure let down to second phase lower-pressure production by an economical and quick (20 minute) field trim replacement
  • Freeze resistant design, with four-stage letdown,reduces hydrate buildup to maintain high capacity flow. This innovative design can also reduce or even eliminate line heater requirements.

Advanced Performance

  • Direct 4 to 20mA control signal from the RTU isconverted into a high resolution proportional flow and pressure control
  • Large Cv from a compact package reduces weight and volume by up to 1/3 of alternative systems
  • Available up to ANSI 2500 connections
  • Class V or better shutoff for backup ESD requirements
  • 100% green electric control option

Measurable Cost Savings

  • Up to 97% less fuel gas usage, saving approximately 400 mcf per year (160 Metric Tonnes CO2e) when compared to alternative systems
  • Lower initial cost than alternative systems
  • Trim costs as low as 80% less than competing systems