Industrial Valves

Memory Seal Ball Valves

Model: Floating Ball Valve

Summary of Memory Seal Benefits:

Seats “in-tension” – Greater strength, less fatigue, Positive bi-directional shutoff, compensate for temperature fluctuations, uniform torque, high cycle life, eliminate cold flow effects.

Larger Seating Area for superior sealing.


  • Memoryseal in-tension flexible seat design
  • E-20 low emission packing arrangement
  • Foolproof gasket technology
  • Fire tested (API 607, BS 6755 and PAI 6FA)
  • End entry, one-piece, split body, top entry, unibody and fully-rated three-piece types (three-piece design includes a flexible lip seat)
  • Available in carbon, stainless alloy and nickel alloy steels
  • Available for block & bleed, chlorine, cryogenic, NACE (sour gas), nuclear, oxygen, throttling and vacuum services