Valve Actuation

Indelac Electric Actuators

Model: R, S, M, L and K Series

With the innovative V-Series, Valvcon pioneered the concept of plug-in, modular electronics in valve automation. This revolutionary concept redefined and simplified the entire valve actuation process upgrades and modifications can now be done in the field, in a matter of minutes, with no hard wiring, soldering or factory returns.

For years, the V Series has set the standard for high quality, rugged and reliable electric actuators. Valvcon uses its proven technology to vastly simplify actuator set-up and calibration and to enhance actuator performance. V Series electric actuators are designed to offer highly efficient operation in a compact package. Ideally suited for most quarter-turn valves, they are designed for a wide range of service, from on-off duty, to modulating or proportional control, to digital bus networks.


  • Electronics are simple to use, with a clearly labeled terminal strip and easy access to user wiring
  • Plug-in electronics for simple upgrades and modifications, with coded connectors to make internal mis-wiring impossible
  • Standard 75% duty cycle at ambient temperatures up to 104 degrees F
  • Visual position indicator is part of the cover (no removal necessary) and clearly shows valve position
  • Dual conduit openings make wiring easier, and keep power and control wiring separate
  • Limit switches provide end of travel control and position indication
  • “Captive” cover bolts are permanently attached to the cover and simplify installation in awkward locations (small enclosure only)
  • Manual override is declutchable and wrench-operated for valve positioning when electricity is not available
  • Locked rotor stall protection stops the motor if excessive torque is encountered, providing protection from stall conditions (AC modulating applications only)
  • Thermal overload cutout protects the motor from damage caused by over duty cycle applications
  • Permanently lubricated, hardened steel spur gears throughout
  • Highly efficient, split-phase, capacitor run AC motors provide long-life and high duty cycles with very low power consumption