Critical Control – CHECKPOINT

The Meridian™ CHECKPOINT process leverages “critical control point” data to deliver an unequaled consistency, and traceability for its trunnion and floating ball valves.

MeridianTM quality control

The CHECKPOINT critical control point system has been developed to ensure an industry leading quality control process for FZV in the manufacturing of MeridianTM valves. The critical control point process has been identified as a process to ensure efficient handling of data pertaining to the valves being manufactured by FZV for Meridian.

At its core, the CHECKPOINT process leverages “critical point” data to provide a quality control mechanism. This process ensures that the critical points of the processes are reviewed and documented with the results posted to an online database.

The CHECKPOINT database provides an industry leading level of traceability for MeridianTM valves. CHECKPOINT system includes:

  • Database links CHECKPOINT input to specific valve serial number.
  • Visual review and/or inspection and sign-off at each stage in the process

Check-list/traveler for each valve in production that tracks its progress from raw material to finished product.